About Touché

Touché Experience started 15 years ago, with modest initiations & demonstrations fencing. Year after year, our offer and clientele grew. Today Touché offers a range of surprising activities at extraordinary locations.

Touché does not want to limit itself to "the happy few. On the contrary, we want everyone to be able to experience 'The Experience'. That's why we always deliver tailor-made solutions, adapted to your target group, wishes and budget.

Team Touché @ Medieval Day

Our Guarantee

  • Professional and driven organization

  • Experiential advice

  • Passionate animators and professional guides

  • Original activities and unique locations 

  • Excellent price-quality ratio

  • Flawless delivery of an unforgettable experience

Passionate professionals

Touché works with the right people, in the right places. Our team consists of talented teachers, experienced animators and seasoned organizers. All driven by the passion for their craft.

Team Touché

Our team possesses that rare combination of expertise, experience and a no-nonsense approach. The result? That we go all-in every time. So you enjoy the very best experience. The 'Touché Experience'.

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