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Teambooster Games

The name 'TEAMBOOSTER ' says it all: you don't win this game alone, but as a team! This formula plays on group spirit and improving team spirit. Speed, cooperation, communication, 'thinking out of the box' and trust are the key factors for success in these games. The ideal team building!


Once the group is divided into teams, the battle can begin! Depending on your budget and time, choose between various immersive tasks for your team: from adventurous firemaker and blood-curdling mind games to playful communication games, raft building or life-like catapult shooting. Which team will draw the longest straw?

We will tailor a program for your group.


This format is fully mobile and can be held at a unique location of your choice, depending on budget and requirements. The Teambooster Games can also take place at your company site. This concept can be played partially or completely indoors in rainy weather. 


Tip: This original team building activity is ideal in combination one of our toppers on a unique venue!


Interested in the Teambooster Games for your next team building event? Request a quote or a guide price here. Want some more information? Download the info sheet or contact us.

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