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Packing stress? Touché to the rescue. With GiftLock you score twice for the end of the year: not only do you give an original gift, but you also gift a unique experience. Nice to give, even nicer to get!


Want to surprise your clients or employees this year-end? With GiftLock, turn the unwrapping moment into a very cool, different-than-other experience!

How does it work?

  1. Choose what goes in the box. From a bottle of wine to beauty item, anything is possible. Little inspiration? Choose a product from our assortment.
  2. The combination lock locks, and your package is sent.
  3. Your customer scans the QR code and accesses a short online escape game.
  4. Et voilà, the combination lock opens and the player discovers your gift!

The online game with three virtual rooms you can play with friends or family to make the unwrapping moment a real experience. Bet your end-of-year gifts will be an absolute hit this year with GiftLock? Santa will be jealous ...



Interested in GiftLock for your employees or customers? Request a quote or a guide price here.

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