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Do you have nerves of steel? Then this Outdoor Escape Game is for you! You infiltrate as undercover agents in the drug world and are on the heels of a hitherto elusive drug gang ....


Explore the area in teams of 4 to 6 people, follow the map on the tablet and at each designated spot, your team will be given an assignment -from mysterious riddles to fun photo and hands-on tasks.

Your mission: find out where the next shipment of drugs is and unmask the 6-member gang behind it.

This Outdoor Escape Game includes the use of Augmented Reality, where virtual objects appear on the tablet. The gadget box contains a secret file and tools needed to complete the tasks.


This game lends itself perfectly to exploring a city but can also be played near an event location. We have the most beautiful routes in Belgium's major cities and around our fixed top locations in Belgium!

Do you wish for a personal touch? Then we can also work tailored to your needs: the duration, location, size and even certain questions can be customized!


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