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Firewalking is hot! During this workshop you will learn to walk over red-hot coals and push your limits. An experience that will be burned into your memory for years to come! Do you dare to take the step?


In firewalking, an experienced firebed expert comes on site and lays a bed of glowing hot coals.

Step 1: You will be explained about technique and safety.
Step 2: showtime! You encourage each other and step across the fire bed 1 by 1.

This activity is groundbreaking to say the least, but achievable for everyone. Participants must dare to "take the plunge," so we work toward the right mindset.

Want to challenge yourself and your team? Then this short - but spirited - workshop is the ideal conclusion to a team building or as a company activity.

Tip: This activity guarantees an unforgettable apotheosis for your team building day. You may want to check out our themed packages for inspiration for your next team building: Clash of Clans & Medieval Battle.


We will gladly join you in your search for a budget-friendly or top-notch location to host this workshop.
This workshop can also take place on your own company site, ideal as a team-forming end to the work day!



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