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Know Your Colleagues

Get to know your colleagues's in a unique and alternative way during this playful quiz! The participants are given a questionnaire beforehand - with not very common questions - and give their own quirky view of the world. Based on the answers, we put together a quiz that remains educational and unexpected at the same time!

Who loves strawberries and takes Marc van Ranst and a mouth mask on a desert island? Who dreams of having dinner with Princess Elisabeth to talk about state reform? And how do colleagues spend their vacations? You will find out all about it in this playful (online) team building. Everything is guided by a professional animator or quizmaster. An accompanying app ensures a smooth process and keeps a tidy record of the score.

You play this game mostly individually, but there are also preparation rounds in alternating, smaller groups and joint doing assignments. We suggest some fun, varied themes, but you can also add your own or adapt questions within the existing themes.



Play the game in group in a room at an event location of your choice or play online at home or from the office, each with their own PC.


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