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The Pegasus Project

Online games are an original and alternative way to have some fun from the comfort of your couch. Ideal to pass the dark winter months, or to keep in touch with colleagues's abroad! Meet now with our super exciting online Escape Game: The Pegasus Project.

The Story

Several months ago, three scientists died in Spider Technologies' research lab. Undercover agent Spike was on the case but suddenly disappeared....

Your mission: investigate the building and try to find out exactly what happened to agent Spike and the three scientists. Spike forwarded another secret document ... but unfortunately it is protected with a secret password ...

Empathize with the story and write down the answers after each riddle. With your team, try to make the connection between the different links and succeed in leaking the secret documents to the media. The team with the best time wins!



You play this game at home or in the office with your own computer.
The game is played by teams of 3 to 6 people, sitting together in a room or in contact via video link.


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Our specialist and also great lover of online Escape Games. Organized and supervised more than 100 successful online Team Buildings in recent months.


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