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Learn about the art of falconry, an ancient craft and prestigious pastime at imperial courts. Today you take up the gauntlet! Feel the mighty claws of nature and experience the chemistry between falconer and bird of prey.

Program Birds of Prey Workshop

Our falconers will show you how to work with an artificial prey (the lure) and teach you the famous falconer's knot. Have you mastered the technique? Then you come face to face with the bird of prey. Your
Will now - independently - fly the raptors and owls to your falconer's gauntlet. Goosebumps guaranteed!

Birds of prey demonstration

A desert buzzard tearing right over the audience, the mighty eagle whizzing by, the silent flight of the owl, ... Get ready for a spectacular bird of prey demonstration by experienced falconers. The ideal ending to a memorable day!


Tip: Combine these activities with one of our toppers on a unique venue!


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