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VR Murder Hotel

Welcome to our beautiful hotel! Nestle in the lobby and order something to drink in advance. Until suddenly ... a scream! The owner of the hotel has been murdered - and there are several suspects. Will you help solve the murder?


VR Murder Hotel is a virtual reality version of the 'real life' murder game. The goal remains the same: track down the culprit as quickly as possible and eliminate suspects!

You play the game with your team of four to five during a multi-course dinner or lunch. Between each course, you continue your search for the hotel owner's killer. To the table!

No time for dinner, no problem, this game can be played perfectly during an apero moment. In addition, it is also ideal as a meetingbreak. Ideal 'hi-tech' relaxation during a busy working day.

You can play this low-key VR murder game for up to 300 people at the same time!


Touché Experience has several suitable locations in each province for an atmospheric VR murder game. Do you have your own location? You can. Ask our advice.



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