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VR Excalibur The Mystery

Ready to travel back in time? With this high-end VR escape game, you'll imagine yourself in the Middle Ages in an instant - on a mission to crack the historical code. Why exactly? Because with this code you can recover the legendary sword Excalibur!


You and your team members take turns putting on the VR goggles. You then take a seat in our "teleport zone" and play through one of 6 castle halls, including a creepy dungeon, a stately throne room, an exquisite library, and...

In each room, you will face challenging puzzles and mysterious riddles, and you must examine the objects carefully. Your teammates watch along in real life on a TV screen and see exactly what you see. They also coach you through the riddle and puzzles using gadgets and documents. The ultimate goal? Pulling the sword Excalibur out of the rock during the live final game.

Tip: Looking to give your team an extra boost. Then combine this VR game with our Teambooster Games. In addition, this game also fits perfectly to your team day with Medieval Theme complete.


We always come on location and propose a suitable location, taking into account your wishes and budget. You can always propose your own location.


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