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Percussion Workshop

Exciting, disarming and relaxing at the same time: that is the effect of percussion. During this workshop you will work together and get to know each other in a completely different rhythm. This activity is inspiring and provides a refreshing energy that lasts for a long time!


You will play together on the African djembe, a beautiful and fascinating instrument. Outsidesense of rhythm you don't have to be very musical. Many African rhythms are easy to play.
In addition to the djembé, you will play large African bass pauks (doundouns) and numerous other hand percussion instruments. Each group plays its own rhythm. This creates a swirling, swinging interplay.

During the percussion workshop, you will go with the rhythm, get into a flow and soon feel
one as a group. Bet you'll be blown away by the music you make together.


A percussion workshop can take place anywhere. This format is fully mobile and can be held at a unique location of your choice, depending on budget and requirements.



Interested in a percussion workshop for your team building or as an activity with friends or family? Request a quote or a guide price here. Would you like some more information? Download the info sheet or contact us.

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