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In times of lockdowns, quarantine and uncertainty, it is important to keep our morale high. Everyone misses daily contact with colleagues, friends or family. Online team building games are ideal for keeping in touch, letting go of everything for a while and boosting the team spirit. Super exciting and 100% coronaproof.


The Story

Several months ago, three scientists died in Spider Technologies' research lab. Undercover agent Spike was on the case but suddenly disappeared....

Your mission: investigate the building and try to find out exactly what happened to agent Spike and the three scientists. Spike sent another secret document through .... but unfortunately it is protected with a secret password....

Empathize with the story and write down the answers after each riddle. As a team, try to make the connection between the different links and succeed in leaking the secret documents to the media. The team with the best time wins!

How it works

Step 1: order your code and log in

Na bestelling ontvang je van ons een “mission briefing” met een unieke login code. Op basis van deze briefing kan elk teamlid het spel opstarten en zich online bij de rest van de teamleden voegen. Het spel kan beginnen…

Step 2: collaborate in a team via your laptop

Once everyone has logged into the mission hub, team members can consult with each other to solve each riddle. Important here is that everyone waits for each other and does not proceed alone. This will increase the chances of success a lot!

Step 3: make connections and leak the secret documents

Je speel online in teams van 4 tot 6 personen, elk met hun eigen computer. Via een videoverbinding zoals Zoom of Vectera (eventueel een andere applicatie in overleg) staat iedereen met elkaar in contact.


Dit spel speel je veilig thuis of op kantoor.


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Hereby we would like to thank you again for the pleasant cooperation. It was a very successful team day! We received nothing but positive feedback from our employees towards you as well as from the location. Together we made sure that everyone was satisfied! Also a big thank you for providing the photos on the day itself!

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Zin in dit spannend Online Game met je team, familie of vrienden?

Gezien onze fijne samenwerking schenken we jullie een Online Game, een unieke ervaring. Geef ons een seintje en we bezorgen je de nodige info en codes.

Let op: Dit spel geschikt voor volwassenen en jongeren vanaf 16jaar

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