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Archery Tag

Archery Tag has become a popular shooting game. Two reasons: A) Because of the success of the movie "The Hunger Games. B) Because you feel you are really being hit by the mousse arrows. Archery Tag is the ideal team building activity, where speed, cooperation and tactics come first. Let the adrenaline flow!


First you are introduced to bow and arrow and we teach you how to handle the equipment safely. Then the hunt is on: on open terrain you "hunt" your opponents, dodge obstacles and try to hit the targets. You can play different scenarios, so it stays exciting!


We will find a suitable location depending on your needs and budget.
Archery Tag is also possible at your own location. Please note that we need a spacious grass field, hall or sports hall to place all the obstacles and targets.


Tip: Combine this activity with Axe throwing, Fencing or Highland Games For an action-packed afternoon!


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