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Teambuilding is a common term these days for doing something together with colleagues. Touché offers a range of surprising and original team building activities for companies to. But om making a selection of the right team building activity, it is important to consider your target audience, purpose of your team building, location and budget.

The impact of team building in the workplace is often underestimated. TEAMBUILDING WORKS and is a must for any company looking to grow or function efficiently. 

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Get to know each other better

Want to organize a team building where colleagues get to know each other better in a context other than the workplace? That's a good idea because colleagues with common interests outside the workplace might spontaneously start finding each other and start showing interest in each other. In this way, the bond between colleagues is strengthened which results in higher motivation and, above all, a more enjoyable atmosphere within the group.

A team building is also the ideal way to introduce new colleagues to the group.

Choose approachable fun team building activities where there is also room for conversation during the activity. Combine this with a cozy drink or walking dinner at a Touché top location and your team building will be a success. 

e.g. a fencing workshopCrossbow Shooting, Laser clay pigeon shooting, a VR Experience , Axe throwing, Casino Royal or a Cocktail Workshop.

Improve collaboration and increase group cohesion 

However, if you want to encourage cooperation or group cohesion within a team or between two or more teams, it is important to keep this team or sub-teams together during team building activities.

You choose an activity in which only the team emerges victorious or can achieve the goal as a team. The goal can only be achieved if there is good cooperation, trust and a vlotte communication is between the various team members. 

Choose our newest VR Team Game 'Exalibur the Mystery', our City Game 'Undercover' or a Cook Clash. Our Team booster concepts are suitable for everyone and perfect to combine with a team meeting and catering at a beautiful location.

Excalibur the Mystery
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Team building as a reward or gesture of gratitude

Of course, your team building can also aim to reward your employees or give your colleagues a new boost after a busy year or busier period or perhaps at the start of a new year. Then choose a WoW Experience and take the opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you to your co-workers or colleagues. The latter is very important.

Choose a top venue with top catering and original activities such as Firewalks , art smithsSheep herding, Medieval Battle, the Clash of Clans or a VR-Murder game. 

In each province, we cooperate with several unique locations which provide the perfect setting for an unforgettable day.

Improve your team

Where the Teambooster Concepts capitalize on group spirit and fun, the Improve activities go a step further. A team of coaches - all of them crackers in their field - will guide your journey.

The benefit? During, but also after the sessions, participants can count on feedback from these professionals-in-growth. Choose our unique concept Team Improve For a perfect mix between fun and learning moment.

Be sure to check out the Insight Inspiration Session and the workshop Energy@work To make the team function even better. 

Team Improve

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