Archery Tag,
the hype of the moment!

Archery Tag! A game that has not been around in Belgium for very long, but is already a real hit in America. The game is known by various names such as, Arrow tag, Battle X and Bow hunt.

You enter the battlefield armed with a bow and arrow in order to score as many points as possible with your team and, above all, to survive the game! How do you do it, what are the best chances to survive the game? A very exciting experience!

All will be under the guidance of one of our instructors, also known as the game's Marshall.

What do we do during
A session of Archery Tag?

The instructors will first teach you how to use the bow and arrow and then you and your teammates will shoot some practice arrows. Equipped with a mask and bow, you then enter the playing field! Each team has a goal with targets that you must defend. Earn points by hitting your opponents or by shooting the targets out of the other team's goal.But beware: there are only a few arrows available, forcing you to move around the playing field to find arrows, ammunition to shoot.The team that scores the most points or can hit all opponents within the minute wins!

In addition to the classic "Archery Tag," we offer some fun variations such as "King of the Middle" or "The Hunger Games.

Archery Tag is accessible
for young and old

Archery tag can be played as a team building, bachelor activity, at a birthday party, family party or field day. It can be played from 6 persons and from 12 years of age. A standard session takes 1.5 to 2 hours.

Archery Tag can be played both indoors and outdoors. We create a field with inflatable obstacles or use natural obstacles.

Touché suggests a location in your area taking into account your wishes and budget. But you can also suggest a location yourself.

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