Axe throwing, the hype of the moment!

Axe throwing, you may have heard of it. In America the sport is a real hit and the trend is now continuing in Belgium and the Netherlands. Here and there you can already find an Urban Axe trowing center. We from Touché are coming to you! We bring our own targets and an arsenal of different throwing axes. From small tomahawks to a thick double bit axe nearly a meter tall. But safety first, our axe throwing workshops are always supervised by an experienced axe expert. 

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What do we do during a workshop on axe throwing?

After a brief introduction about axe throwing and equipment, the Axepert will demonstrate the different throwing techniques. After that, it's up to you. We start with a light accessible throwing axe or tomahawk. Then we move on to throwing the competition axes. For the real Vikings, we have several typical axes of the time. After the practice rounds, everyone chooses their favorite axe. The team competition can start!

The duration of the standard initiation bee throwing is about an hour and a half. But it can be a little shorter or longer, depending on your desire.

You can also provide axe throwing as fringe entertainment during a family day, networking event or festival.

What axes and materials do we use?

We will bring different types and sizes of axes and throw on wooden targets, specially designed for this spectacular axe throwing workshop. These targets are easy to transport and can be set up just about anywhere on soft ground such as grass or sand. If it rains we will bring tents so everyone will be dry.

Axe throwing is perfectly suited as a team building, bachelorette activity or simply as a relaxing and above all unique activity with friends or family. We come to you and propose a location tailored to your needs and budget. You can always suggest your own location. View the practical information For organizing a workshop on axe throwing. 


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