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In business, networking is more than just exchanging business cards; it's about building relationships and creating lasting partnerships. And what better way to do this than by hosting an inspiring networking event that is as exciting as it is educational?

Building bonds in an adventurous way

Successful networking is all about forging meaningful connections and the strengthening relationships. But why not combine this process with a dose of adventure and a good dose of fun? This was exactly the thought that Corporate auditors JMB inspired when they asked us to organize an unforgettable networking event.

With more than 200 participants from major companies such as Deloitte, Moore and KPMG, we not only have a platform for professional interaction created, but also a adventurous experience which strengthened ties among colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Kattebroek: A place where professionalism and fun come together

Choosing the perfect venue is one of the most important aspects of organizing a successful event. Kattebroek, located in the quiet green areas of Dilbeek, is an ideal choice for such occasions.

With a large garden perfect for outdoor activities, and their reputation for excellent catering, beautiful accommodations and friendly staff, Kattebroek offers a perfect blend of service, quality and comfort. And let that be precisely our values at Touché Experience.

How do you make a networking event memorable?

The evening began with a briefing on the team competition, followed by a gourmet barbecue. This gave participants a chance to network while enjoying delicious food and drinks.

But to make a networking event truly memorable, we need to push the boundaries of conventional activities. For this particular event, we introduced three unique, adrenaline-boosting activities: axe throwing, laser clay pigeon shooting and crossbow shooting. These activities were supervised by our most experienced animators in three different languages, and offered participants the opportunity to test their skills and courage in a safe but exciting environment.

Cooperation and competition go hand in hand

Although the concept of the event focused on networking, we managed to create a fun team competition into the activities. This not only helped to increase participants' motivation, but it also stimulated team spirit and cooperation skills.

The winning team ended up being rewarded with an attractive price, which served as icing on the cake for the participants after a day of hard work and, above all, fun.

Awards ceremony and open bar

After an evening of adrenaline, challenges and team spirit, it was time to highlight the evening's winners. As dusk settled over Kattebroek fell, participants gathered for the long-awaited awards ceremony.

It was a moment of triumph and camaraderie, in which the teams that had accumulated the most points during the axe throwing, crossbow shooting and laser clay pigeon shooting, received their well-deserved recognition. With applause and cheers the sporting spirit of the evening was celebrated, with each team getting its moment in the spotlight.

The fun did not end here, however. Immediately after the awards ceremony, the open bar its doors, which provided the perfect opportunity for attendees to relax and continue networking.

As the stars appeared in the sky, connections were deepened and new business relationships formed. This in a convivial and cheerful atmosphere, which provided the ideal setting to end the day. The impressions and memories of this extraordinary networking event will undoubtedly linger long.

Does such a team-building event sound like you?

Touché Experience is a passionate and professional company specialized in organizing team building events. Check out the wide range of activities we can organize for you and your company.
Frederick Vandormael
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Frederick Vandormael