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For Euroclear Touché Experience organized a three-day tough team building event complete with Scottish kilts, axe throwing and whiskey tasting. Experience the magic of working together in the atmosphere of the Scottish Highlands!

Stay in Style: Top hotels in Limburg

It was our pleasure to recently organize a tough three-day team building event for Euroclear. We are working with some of the best hotels in Limburg to ensure that our participants were comfortable. During this three-day seminar, participants enjoyed comfortable accommodations, and delicious meals.

The first two days included meetings and a delicious lunch and fantastic dinner. The second day ended with a large evening party in style.

The Challenge of the Scottish Highlands

On the third day, it was time for tough team building. This experience was based on the traditional Highland Games, one of our most popular team builds, but this time we gave it a unique twist. We added a touch of Clash of Clans add, the strategic game known for its team spirit and tactics, and we rounded out the experience with an unforgettable session Sheep herding.

Nothing says "Welcome to Scotland" like wearing a kilt

At the heart of this team building was the Clash of Clans in which participants were divided into clans that had to complete various trials against each other.

From testing their physical preparedness during the Highland Games To learning to work together during the sheep herding, each activity was carefully designed to foster team spirit, confidence and tactics.

But we wanted to dress this day appropriately, so we began by dressing the participants in traditional Scottish kilts. Because nothing says "Welcome to Scotland." like wearing a kilt, and this immediately set the tone and mood for the rest of the day.

The taste of Scotland: whisky and axe throwing

And what would a Scottish experience be without axe throwing and a whisky tasting? The participants enjoyed the axe throwing, where they had to collect points by throwing axes at targets. This was a good test of the participants' concentration and precision.

Next, the "mini whiskey tasting" got underway. We had selected three different types of quality whiskies for this event, and participants tasted them while learning about their unique characteristics and flavor profiles. This was greatly enjoyed by the participants and provided a welcome change from the physical activities.

Fun with sheep herding

The high fun factor of sheep herding was evident in the participants' reactions. Led by the best shepherds in the country, the basic techniques of sheep herding were taught.

The team's communication and leadership skills were tested as they attempted to drive a flock of sheep along a trail with the help of a faithful Border Collie.

Can it also be a little more?

At Touché Experience, we are passionate about creating unique and memorable team building activities which the power of themes leverage to provide a deeper level of engagement and enjoyment.

We believe that the smallest details can make a big difference in the experience of a team-building event, which is why we take great care in the decoration of our activities.

From the sound of bagpipes filling the air to create an authentic Scottish atmosphere, to dressing the participants in traditional kilts - with us, every team building experience is framed with attention to detail.

With Touché Experience, participants are fully immersed in a theme that brings your team closer together and creates lasting memories.

With our unique approach to team building, combining elements of Clash of Clans, Highland Games and sheep herding, we believe we created an experience that was not only enjoyable, but also contributed to the team cohesion and individual skills of the participants.

Does such a team-building event sound like you?

Touché Experience is a passionate and professional company specialized in organizing team building events. Check out the wide range of activities we can organize for you and your company.
Frederick Vandormael
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Frederick Vandormael