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Whether you are organizing a family party, in charge of your brother's bachelorette party or a manager looking for a creative way of team building for your employees, a VR experience or VR escape game is a fun, spontaneous activity that is versatile and customizable to your specific needs for a unique group outing.

As an end-of-year team building , 30 people from our client Limburgs Landschap gathered in Engelhof Castle in Houthalen, to participate in a VR escape game. It had been since 2019 that they had hosted another team building event so expectations were high.

It became a day full of fun, teamwork, a VR game and revelry!  

A morning of games followed by a delicious lunch

The day began with several teamboostergames. These proved to be a great way to break the ice, and to win over somewhat reluctant colleagues. This allowed everyone to get to know each other a little better and strengthen ties. This set the tone for a positive and enjoyable day among the participants.

After a playful morning full of team building games, there was a much needed lunch break. Delicious 3 courses were served, which everyone could enjoy. During lunch there was also the opportunity for pleasant conversations among themselves, about anything and everything. Thus, you saw the effects of the team building exercises in action right away.

VR game as highlight of the day

Still, the highlight of the day was yet to come. Because for the rest of the afternoon, after lunch, the most important game was planned, an escape game: VR Excalibur The Mystery. A game in which you work together as a team to pull the legendary sword Excalibur from the rock.

Each team had its own unique hat, by theme of course. The teams began the VR experience in good spirits. In each team, employees worked closely together, as this was the only way they could win over the sword. One by one, different environments were explored, from room to room. They were looking for all the puzzles and riddles to be solved by the team.

This activity improves communication and teamwork skills, as players must rely on each other to advance in the game. Only one player has the VR glasses on, but the others can watch along with him through a screen, providing hints for the game. The player with the glasses on must look for all the objects in a room and examine them. This allows the team to then solve puzzles together. Sometimes through additional documents and gadgets.

Finally, after everyone has had the VR glasses on once and the last 3D puzzle is solved, you can pull the sword out of the rock and you have won the game. And this also marks the end of the day, but recovering a legendary sword is a nice ending. Another group of people went home satisfied; the festive theme added an extra touch of fun in this case.


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Frederick Vandormael