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Discover the power of a medieval team building with a modern twist. For Brussels Airport we brought the art of screens, an intensive medieval battle and a high-end virtual reality escape game together for an unforgettable team building with a beautiful castle as the backdrop.

An original approach to team building

In today's ever-changing business world, it is crucial for companies to keep team cohesion and morale high. One way to achieve this is through team building. But At Touché Experience, we believe team building should be more than just a day away from the office. So for Brussels Airport, a group of international professionals, we created a team-building experience that took them back to the Middle Ages.

The idea of a team building often involves brainstorming, problem-solving tasks, or perhaps a field day. But imagine a team building where you step into the past, into an era of castles, kings, and heroic battles. That's exactly what we proposed to Brussels Airport for their international group.

A medieval team building entirely in medieval decor

Touché Experience had the pleasure of organizing a team building event for 60 members of Brussels Airport. The theme? The Middle Ages. The decor? A beautiful castle in Geetbets. Activities include everything from a medieval battle combined with screens into a unique virtual reality escape game. All participants were treated to delicious vegetarian dishes and at the end of the day there was a atmospheric barbecue. The goal was not only to provide a day of fun, but also to strengthen team bonds.

Medieval Battle: a chivalrous journey back to the time of the Middle Ages

The day began with the Medieval Battle, an activity that took participants back to the "dark" Middle Ages, a time of adventurous knights and intense battles. In this challenging activity, participants stepped into the shoes of a knight, prepared to defeat their opponents.

Under the guidance of our two experienced instructors and ex-professional fencers, Yannick Germeau and Frederik Vandormael, participants learned the art of fencing. This workshop has long been Touché Experience's flagship product, offering a unique and interactive way to foster team collaboration and communication.

In addition to learning to duel with enemies, participants learned how to shoot with a crossbow - one of the most powerful weapons of the Middle Ages. They also learned axe throwing, an exercise that requires both strength and precision.

The Medieval Battle didn't just focus on physical skills, however. It also put participants' mental strength to the test with several intensive brainteasers that participants had to solve. A true test of their problem-solving abilities, strategic thinking and of their mutual cooperation.

Medieval Virtual Reality escape game

Our newest product, the VR escape game Excalibur: The Mystery, was the icing on the cake. This unique game combines the excitement of a escape game with the immersive technology of virtual reality. The teams worked together to crack a historical code in order to locate and free the legendary sword Excalibur!

Using VR goggles, participants took their seats in our "teleport zone" and traveled through six different castle rooms, including a chilling dungeon, a stately throne room and an extensive library. In each room awaited challenging puzzles and mysterious riddles that had to be carefully investigated by the participants.

This innovative game uniquely brings together the past and the present. Using the latest VR technology, the medieval world is brought to life in an unparalleled way, giving players an immersive and authentic experience they won't soon forget.

A delicious barbecue to finish

You would get hungry and thirsty from less! After a day of medieval adventures, the evening ended with a pleasant gathering. The participants enjoyed the delicious barbecue dishes while they shared their experiences of the day and got to know each other better.

This was the ideal time to catch up with a colleague and discuss the experiences of this special team building with each other.

Ingredients for a top team building event

At Touché Experience, we believe the best team building consists of unique experiences, collaboration, and above all, lots of fun. Our medieval team building with Brussels Airport was a clear example of this principle. We are convinced that this day not only contributed to the strengthening of mutual team bonds, but also created unforgettable memories among all participants.

Whether you opt for a medieval battle, fencing, or a virtual reality escape game, Touché Experience has the right ingredients for a top team building event tailored to your company.

Does such a team-building event sound like you?

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