Iconic Scottish Clans Games

The Highland Games are a 19th-century continuation of traditional clan games from the highlands of Scotland. The Highland Games in Scotland are usually one-day events. Each Highland Games event has a unique character and traditions. They are held from May through September in some of the most stunning locations in the country.

We will come to you and provide a "Unique Scottish Experience" with a program tailored to your group. 

Throwing a stone
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Program Highland Games

Touché offers these Games under different formulas adapted to age, gender and type of event. So you can choose from the standard version of 1.5 to 2 hours. Where we have 5 to 6 trials. But you can also choose the 3-hour version with 9 to 10 trials.  

Our Highland Games are more than just primal strength. You can expect a mix of strength, agility, cooperation and logical thinking. So everyone gets their money's worth during this exciting team game.

Examples of tests include pole throwing, stone throwing, log carrying, barrel rolling, horseshoe throwing, sword keeping, weight bearing, tug of war, a Scottish quiz or brainteaser .... .

Highland Games are very accessible

The Games can be played by young and old and are always accompanied by experienced Touché animators. The Highland Games are suitable as team building, bachelor activity, as part of a field day or simply as a relaxing and original activity with friends or family.

We provide a kilt or appropriate outfit for everyone. You can also do a mini-Whisky Tasting during our Games and even hire a Scottish bagpiper to get everyone in the spirit of the Scottish High Plains.

We look for a site in your area adapted to your needs and budget. You can always suggest your own location. Keep in mind the practical information Or ask our advice.


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