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On March 12, 2020, we organized for Danone a fencing workshop. They met as part of team building. The employees were fully taken care of by bus to a beautiful location in Haspengouw. Below you can read a report of Danone's active company outing.

A warm welcome

Upon arrival, the men and women of Danone were welcomed by us with some regional drinks and snacks. Then the head of the department made an introductory presentation. After this, it was time for some action and the fencing workshop could begin!

En garde! - the workshop

Under the leadership of ex-pro fencer Frederick Vandormael Danone employees learned the tricks of this graceful sport in 2.5 hours. Fencing involves concentration, vision and responsiveness. The men and women of Danone had the opportunity to learn some important basic techniques of fencing. These included footwork, attack and defense techniques. In this way, the employees were able to participate confidently in the subsequent tournament.

But before it came to that, learned Frederick Vandormael they learned all about the materials used in fencing. The men and women of Danone were introduced to the 3 weapons that can be wielded during fencing: the epee, foil and saber. Finally, the saber was used to practice with because it is the most accessible. Explanations of how to use the mask, fencing vest and glove were also covered. This allowed everyone to start the tournament with confidence!

A fanatical competition

Besides testing the skills acquired, the game is of course the ultimate way to get closer to your colleagues! The tournament consisted of a fanatical competition with a final between the two best fencers. During the tournament the games alternated at a rapid pace and the fanatics quickly stood out. For the winner, we provided a nice memento.

An aperitif and dinner to finish

After such an instructive and active day, it is nice to be able to talk with each other. Danone concluded this successful team building outing with an aperitif provided by us and a delicious regional 3-course dinner.

Does a fencing workshop interest you?

Are you reading this report and thinking, "I want to take a fencing workshop too"? You can! We give workshops to both children and adults.

Who is a fencing workshop suitable for?

You can come to us for team building. Also for a children's party, an outing with friends, a bachelor party or a family day you have come to the right place. Depending on the type of outing you can determine the length of the workshop. Short workshops from 30 min to the standard workshop of about 2 to 2.5 hours.

At what location can I attend a fencing workshop?

We suggest a suitable location that is easily accessible and where you can experience our workshop to the fullest. Here we take into account your budget. Do you have your own beautiful location in mind? No problem! We will gladly come to you.

Summary practical information

  • Suitable for team building, friends outing, bachelor party, children's party, field day or family day.
  • Workshops from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours
  • Workshops led by ex-pro fencer Frederik Vandormael
  • We arrange outfits and materials for each participant
  • Own location or location provided by us

Read more about the content of our fencing workshop here.

Also got a taste for fencing?

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