, Frederick Vandormael

Last spring and summer months we were running at full speed. As many as 250 groups experienced a wonderful team building, friends party or family moment. 

So did the consulting firm Huris from the Netherlands. They celebrated their 15-year anniversary together with us at one of our top locations. This is what their team building day looked like: after a delicious lunch, everyone, about 35 people, could enjoy the three Touché Top activities par excellence: sheep herding, hand -and crossbow shooting and screens. This was followed by a reception and delicious dinner. 

After dinner, employees were honored and thanked by management during a remarkable speech. The second part of the evening, whether risky or not, turned to Casino Royal! We provided five gaming tables with accompanying croupiers. An evening full of fun! 

After the games, the evening continued dancing. Fortunately it was possible to spend the night at the location itself. After a delicious breakfast everyone left for home at their own pace, to start the weekend with a more than satisfied feeling.

Frederick Vandormael
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Frederick Vandormael