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5 reasons why team building is so important in corona times.


These days there are an awful lot of teams doing team building. And for good reason! After all, employees are essential to an organization, and team building can be used to inspire, motivate and retain these employees. Team building activities are often fun activities that focus on cooperation and communication. You can think of teamboostar games in which employees must work together to complete a variety of doing and thinking experiments. Also its sporting activities perfect for team building. But what are the positive effects of team building that you notice in the workplace? Touché reflected on the importance of team building in corona times.


Team building focuses on teamwork, and teamwork is incredibly important to an organization. Good and productive cooperation ensures success. And team building activities create close and positive teams that can achieve this success together. In addition, team building has a positive effect on workplace fun and enthusiasm. When there is a lot of job satisfaction, it is good for mutual trust and for stimulating creativity. Having fun at work is incredibly important when it comes to achieving success.

  • It is just now that the sense of connection with colleagues has diminished. (keeping distance, telecommuting, hygiene measures).
  • Many people sat at home for a long time with limited social contact. Stress levels rose throughout the population and the atmosphere is suboptimal.
  • Now is the time to break through the negative feelings around corona and organize something fun that will allow everyone to let go of everything for a while.
  • You may also want to reward employees for the extra effort they have already made during this difficult period.


To work productively, good communication is essential. Misunderstandings only cause delays and lower productivity. Teambuilding activities show in a fun way how to communicate verbally and nonverbally with each other. Maybe communication in the workplace is not optimal for a while. And just then, team building activities can help break these old patterns and reinvigorate communication.

  • Many techniques we are used to communicating with are currently "not done. Think about shaking hands by way of greeting, a personal, close conversation (one-on-one) between two employees, etc.
  • There is a real chance that the current measures will have to be followed for some time to come. Certain customs may disappear forever....
  • A team building gives you the chance to discover new ways we can express ourselves and interact with each other in a safe and relaxed way.


Every team needs leaders to provide structure and maintain a clear direction and strategy. Team building activities can bring out these leadership qualities. Your employees will find out that everyone has a leader in them! And that in turn comes in handy in the workplace.

  • We are currently in a situation where everything is changing even faster than usual. It is not always obvious to maintain ourselves under the new circumstances. This is true both at work and in personal life.
  • Everyone is expected to handle the new situation with common sense. This is the time when everyone can take some leadership to ensure the well-being of family and colleagues.
  • A team building is a social affair, outside the strict environment of the workplace. This is the situation where you and/or other colleagues can take the lead and show responsibility.


Thanks to team-building activities, employees gain more confidence in each other. Specific fears may surface, but are also overcome again. This creates a deeper relationship between team members, and creates more trust. And this trust in turn translates into better cooperation and communication in the workplace.

  • Everyone reacts differently to exceptional situations. Some people tend to wave the condition away and find everything a bit overblown, while others take it very seriously.
  • Corona dominates daily news and life. Sometimes it seems as if other problems are currently pushed into the background. This while a lot more may be at play (family situations, financial, health, mental well-being...).
  • A team building provides a relaxed atmosphere in which it becomes clear how others deal with the current situation. In addition, visions can be broadened for all participants involved. A teambuilding is also an opportunity for other topics to surface.
  • We make sure that everything can proceed according to the appropriate safety measures and everyone can relax in a calm and safe environment. Because isn't that what most people long for? In every province, we have some top locations where you can let go of everything for a while. Ask for the locations in your neighborhood where our ''Corona Proof' team building activities to their best advantage.


In addition to trust, team-building activities also create more connection. Your employees get to know their colleagues in a different way. And because you experience new things together, it creates a sense of belonging and a we-feeling. A team building is also the ideal way to introduce new colleagues to the group.

  • For the Covid 19 - virus, everyone is equal. Regardless of your position within the company, your age, gender, etc. Anyone can be affected themselves, in family or in the workplace.
  • More than ever, a sense of togetherness must keep us safe. We can only defeat the pandemic if we all take responsibility together and protect each other.
  • We place great importance on the safety of our participants and instructors. Therefore, we take some safety measures and together we make sure everyone has a good time.

(Source: ondernemersbelang.nl)

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