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How well do you actually know your colleagues with whom you work, and wouldn't it be a great idea to get to know your colleagues better through an online team building game? By reviewing the game below Know your colleagues you will automatically get an impression of how fun and educational this activity can be.

An online team building for Goodman

In early April, the Goodman hosted a fun team building event. After work hours, the company's colleagues were invited to play along with the game Know your colleagues.

A team-building activity that focused on how well (or perhaps how poorly) you actually know your colleagues. The entertaining game was set up as a virtual team building and was played with forty colleagues from the construction company.

Because of the corona measures, this game was completely coronaproof and played online.

How well do you actually know your colleagues?

It began with a aperobox which each participant was sent home. This aperobox was filled with a non-alcoholic cocktail, nuts and popcorn. During the online team building, participants were able to enjoy the aperobox.

Then all 40 colleagues logged in via their home computers and thus the virtual team building could begin. We organized this activity with great pleasure. Thanks to all kinds of assignments and questions, we found out how well the Goodman colleagues actually know each other.

Colleagues already knew each other well, but there were also a lot of things that were not yet known to everyone, and most colleagues got to know each other in a new way thanks to the game.

A customized quiz

An experienced Touché Experience quizmaster provided the questions and animation for the quiz. Through Zoom, everyone had the opportunity to participate in this online team building and answer the questions.

The questions were tailor-made for the company and can often be linked back to their own colleagues. Because on one hand we want to make it a fun evening but on the other hand our goal is also to get to know the colleagues better.

It was a successful meeting. We could tell by the happy and joyful faces on the many small screens during the quiz.

But the team building is only truly successful if a change can be seen in the period after the activity. A change that in this case came through play and that results in the colleagues now knowing more about each other and therefore being able to work together better and more pleasantly.

Something for you?

Perhaps you would like to Know your colleagues also to do once with your family, for a bachelor party or as an activity for the company where you work? Or maybe one of our other coronaproof activities? You can always request a request a quote.

With our years of experience, we can certainly come up with an activity to suit your business. Whether it is an online escape game or an exciting other game, there are plenty of options.

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