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As much as companies want it, it is very difficult to provide activities during this corona time that contribute to a better team in addition to socializing. With our coronaproof team building activities we try to provide a solution to this problem without sacrificing sociability. How does such a coronaproof team building take place? Today we look at Dilaco. They chose to hold a online escape game play with 80 colleagues. The report below details the learning moments for Dilaco colleagues and how we as a company responded to them.


The idea of an escape room is that by doing tasks you have to escape from something as quickly as possible. Because we have a variant that coronaproof is, the concept had to be slightly modified. By working with different teams, this game which is at the same time an online team building could be played with the colleagues but also against them.

The challenge lay mainly in the fact that this involved 80 participants. A large group where there had to be attention for everyone so that everyone would experience it as a successful and fun virtual team building.

Participants were all sent a box of Spanish snacks and cocktails at home (our aperobox). Employees from all branches participated in the team building. Flemings, Walloons and Dutch were present.

On the moment supreme sat everyone ready in front of their computers to start the team building. An introduction was provided by two professional Touché Experience animators. The online escape game was explained in two languages.

Time for the real thing

Of course, it is impossible to specify what to expect during an online escape game. The concept was explained and everyone got started, but then it was up to the participants to find the solution. Because the solution and the parts that are in the game must of course remain hidden. The idea is for the participants to discover this for themselves.

One thing did become clear during this virtual team building: it does ask a lot of the employees. In a team you have to work together by thinking with each other to find the solutions. A clue from your colleague can be the last piece of the puzzle you need to reach a solution.

Because it is played with multiple teams, it is also somewhat competitive, because ideally, of course, you want to be the first to find the solution with your own team.

Afterglow with Spanish snacks

Afterwards, we highlighted the winning team through a splash of entertainment. There was chatter among the participants and Spanish cocktails were served from the aperoboxes extracted.

Because each participant participated from his or her computer via a video meeting, we were able to keep a close eye on what role everyone had in the game. We could not but conclude that it was a successful team building, and judging from the many happy faces the participants themselves had experienced it that way.

At a time when coronagraphs prevent us from doing as much as we would like, this is a unique way to boost team spirit. We experienced it that way and so did the participants of this IT consulting firm.


Thinking about hosting an online team building event yourself? Then be sure to check out our online escape game, our aperobox, or our other coronaproof activities.

Have any questions or comments? If so, please be sure to contact with us.

With our years of experience, we can certainly come up with an activity to suit your business. Whether it is an online escape game or an exciting other game, there are plenty of options.

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Frederick Vandormael