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On Sept. 18, 2019, the staff of airline Icelandair gathered for a axe throwing workshop. A team building event, with the theme of Vikings. We can look back on a very successful day.

What is axe throwing?

Many people can probably imagine throwing an axe, but these days it has become a real sport. Competitive axe throwing has come over from Canada and America where it is known as Bad Axe Throwing. In our region, this activity has gradually become a real hype. Axe throwing is also very suitable as a team building activity, bachelor party or just as a fun outing. You can throw with different axes, for example a tomahawk, but the staff of Icelandair used genuine Viking axes.

Safety and difficulty

Axes are quite sharp and you have to be careful with them. Axe throwing, however, is a very safe sport. At the start of the workshop, you will be given clear instruction on safety and informed of the do's and the don'ts. This allows everyone to safely participate in the workshop. Of course there is always a Axepert nearby to ensure safety. Axe throwing is really not a sport for tough guys with rugged looks, but is suitable for everyone. First, you get plenty of time to practice and second, the equipment is tailored to each individual participant.

The beginning of the workshop

Icelandair staff will be welcomed with a delicious welcome aperitif and tasty snacks. This is followed by a brief explanation from the instructor, the Axepert mentioned. Among other things, he demonstrates various throwing techniques. Next it is the turn of the participants. They may practice the throwing techniques just demonstrated, using a light and accessible throwing axe. The Axepert provides everyone with the necessary "tips and tricks" in the meantime. He helps everyone improve his or her technique as much as possible until you get the ideal swing.

Team competition axe throwing

When everyone has practiced enough, it is time for the real thing. There is now no more throwing with the light axes, but with real competition axes. Since the theme of this team building is Vikings, we throw with axes typical of that time. Based on the practice rounds, everyone gets to pick their own favorite axe. Then teams play against each other, with one team eventually emerging victorious. After the competition, the workshop continues. After this, the award ceremony takes place and a delicious three-course dinner is served accompanied by blissful wines.

Is it something for you?

Whether it's for team building, a fun evening with friends or a bachelor party, it's always fun to go axe throwing for an afternoon or evening. After all, it's an activity you don't do every day, which makes it interesting and varied. You really don't have to be trained or be in great shape to participate in this sport. Everyone can participate in this workshop. In addition, you can count on a welcoming reception by the 'Axeperts' and of course you will be supervised in a professional manner. As for the location: much is possible. A top (event) location can be chosen, but it can also be at a budget-friendly venue. Ask our advice.

Also got a taste for axe throwing?

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