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As we all know, the road to a successful team is one of continuous growth and development. Production House Geronimo fully understands this principle and was looking for a unique, meaningful and engaging way to strengthen their team.

A day of learning and fun at Hof ter Musschen

We moved with Media House Geronimo to a restful place they had chosen for themselves: the charming Hof ter Musschen in Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe.

This idyllic estate, with its peaceful garden, acted as the perfect setting for a day of team-building activities. Just a short drive from downtown, yet far enough away to offer a sense of escape, the Hof ter Musschen is truly a unique location conducive to both learning and relaxation.

Arriving at Hof ter Musschen, participants were welcomed by our team. Then our newest concept Team Improve was on the program. After lunch the participants could let loose during our most popular concept. The Clash of Clans. 

The focus of this day was collaboration in small teams. Participants were divided into teams and challenged each other in five diverse challenges where communication and cooperation took center stage. The competitive element was fun and stimulating, with the winning team appropriately celebrated during a closing reception.

Team Improve: growth and development

We understand that a successful team is not only about achieving goals, but also about personal growth and development. That's why we went the extra mile with Team Improve, an activity specifically designed to enhance the improve skills of the team.

At Team Improve small teams work together under the watchful eye of highly trained coaches. These coaches observe and note how each team member functions. They provide targeted feedback and offer helpful suggestions for improvement.

The ultimate goal of Team Improve is that each participant with useful take-aways going home. These take-aways are not just theoretical, but practical and directly applicable in their professional lives and beyond.

For Team Improve we cooperate with Ready2Improve, a company that focuses on personal development, as well as group development. But that doesn't mean it can't be fun. Because even at Team Improve there is plenty of attention to fun and dynamism!

In the afternoon it may be more active

Team building is not just about work and development, it is also about having fun and the Building strong relationships with colleagues. After the intensive focus of Team Improve in the morning, and after eating a delicious lunch, there was time in the afternoon for some tough outdoor activities. Participants were challenged with Highland Games and Sheep herding.

The Highland Games, a series of traditional Scottish challenges, was a fun and energetic way to boost team spirit. Everyone got a chance to show their strength in a series of traditional tests. But it wasn't just a matter of force, it also required tactics, communication, and teamwork. Dressed in traditional Scottish kilts, the team was able to really immerse themselves in the experience.

In addition Sheep herding an original way to improve the leadership skills of the team to be tested. Under the guidance of an experienced shepherd, participants had to work together to lead a flock of sheep over a course. It was a unique, hands-on experience that the communication skills of the team really challenged.

The team building was a great success

At Geronimo, the response to the team-building day was overwhelmingly positive:

It was a super team building! A program that completely met our expectations. A learning moment with Team Improve and the day ended in a Scottish theme where fun was central. All Geronimo employees were very enthusiastic and enjoyed it immensely. The assignments were perfectly supervised by the animators and the feedback moments with the coaches went very smoothly.

Media House Geronimo

Our team building activities offer companies the chance to work on their team in a fun and effective way. Whether you want to zoom in on specific challenges, improve your team skills, or just enjoy a day of fun and games, there are several options to meet your needs.

With a wide range of activities and a dedicated team of professionals, Touché Experience helps your team grow, learn and improve, all while maintaining a unforgettable day full of fun!

Does such a team-building event sound like you?

Touché Experience is a passionate and professional company specialized in organizing team building events. Check out the wide range of activities we can organize for you and your company.
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