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Cryns Bodywork Center held in November 2022 an original and well-attended winter team building for its staff. Staff from the various departments were able to spend a day there to their hearts' content in sessions axe throwing and crossbow shooting. For a wet and dry snack, employees could go to various food trucks.

The Kruitfabriek provided a unique setting for this winter team building event

The choice of The Powder Factory as the location for this winter team building was perfect. The building is a former munitions factory and offers a unique industrial atmosphere. The combination of the historic building with the cool activities and delicious food trucks made for a unique experience.

Located along the Brussels-Willebroek canal, the Kruitfabriek offers a unique setting for events such as team building or performances. The large space and the various rooms are ideal to realize a varied program of activities.

In addition, The Powder Factory also has a large garden that is ideal for holding team-building activities during spring and summer. There is plenty of space for food trucks and temporary stands. The Kruitfabriek is easily accessible via the Brussels ring road and ample parking is provided.

First mocktails, then cool activities

A total of 95 people participated in this winter team building. The team building program was well filled and began at 4 p.m. with a warm welcome and delicious mocktails. This gave the colleagues a chance to get to know each other better in a relaxed atmosphere before the activities started.

After an hour of enjoying the surroundings of The Powder Factory it was time to venture into the planned activities. A session of crossbow shooting was provided, and one could also venture into a session of axe throwing.

Crossbow shooting: initiation by professional instructors

Both crossbow shooting and axe throwing were wonderfully enjoyed. In the crossbow shooting workshop, everyone had a chance to experience firsthand how a crossbow works and what it involves. Under the guidance of a professional instructor, Cryns Carrosserie Center employees worked on their shooting posture and the technique of aiming an arrow at the target.

After some practice, the instructor divided the group into several teams, which competed against each other in a sporting competition. Thus, everyone could get into the skin of William Tell or Robin Hood crawl!

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Axe throwing 'by night': a matter of finesse, not brute force

The bee throwing took place late at night in the garden of The Gunpowder Factory. The lighting in the garden created a unique atmosphere.

During axe throwing, the employees of Cryns Carrosserie Center unleashed their inner Viking. During this workshop, attendees learned that success in throwing is definitely not a matter of brute force. The key is to have a relaxed attitude and to focus on the target.

The instructor taught both men and women how to handle the different types of axes and showed how to throw them most efficiently. After a practice session, it was time for the real thing, and the participants competed against each other in a sportsmanlike contest.

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Enjoying pizza and hot dogs

You would get hungry and thirsty from less! After these activities, it was time to satisfy the hunger and enjoy the food trucks. Food trucks were provided on the site of The Powder Factory where participants could eat delicious pizzas and hot dogs.

This was the ideal time to catch up with a colleague and discuss the experiences of axe throwing and crossbow shooting with each other.

A special farewell for the business manager

At 8 p.m. it was time for the managers' speech. It was a special moment because the business manager and founder of Cryns Carrosserie Center was honored because he retired from the company. This moment was celebrated with great respect and gratitude.

After the speech, it was time to socialize and enjoy a nice drink.

It was clear that this team building activity was special not only because of the cool activities and delicious food, but also because of the sense of togetherness and connection.

Doing these activities together challenged participants to step out of their comfort zone and push their limits. This led to new friendships and a sense of team spirit that will not soon be forgotten.

In conclusion, this winter team building at Cryns Carrosserie Center in November 2022 was a great success. The program was well put together and offered a perfect mix of challenge, relaxation and fun.

The location was unique and offered a special atmosphere that made the experience even more special. It was clear that this team building activity contributed to the team spirit and connection between the participants, which can only lead to an even better work environment and results.

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