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Expansion of online offerings

Do you think it's important to link the right concept or the most appropriate activity to your online event? This is precisely why we have expanded our offer.

We explain a little more about different types of online concepts and associated online activities.


Know Your Colleagues:  Based on a questionnaire for the participants, our animators will create a playful quiz in which your Getting to know colleagues better or in a different way. This activity is also ideal for reconnecting with each other during this unusual time.

Online Escape Game: Fan of escape rooms? That's this game for you. Go on a mission together and investigate the disappearance of 3 scientists and an undercover agent. A super exciting game where communication and teamwork are key.

The Climate Game: Are you ready to face the climate issue. This game is ideal for 'climate awareness' flare up among your colleagues or co-workers. 

Energy@work: The workload today is extremely high. At the same time, a lot is also moving on a personal level. How do you manage to combine professional success and personal well-being? During this online workshop you will receive practical tips for working toward a positive personal energy balance.

To get you all in the mood, these activities can be combined with a delicious aperobox. 3 ready to serve cocktails, mocktails and Spanish delicacies. All delivered to your home! Perfectly suited to reward your employees For the extra efforts of the last few weeks.

Frederick Vandormael
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Frederick Vandormael