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Get inspired: The 5 most popular team building activities of 2021

In recent months, we have seen the appetite of companies increase to bring their employees together again. After the summer, our calendar was booked up in no time. The enthusiasm of the teams was extraordinary. 
Team building is back! And how! Get inspired by the 5 most popular coronaproof team building activities.

Of course, we too have had to reinvent ourselves over the last year and a half. You and we will experience the impact corona has on our life and work for quite some time. But in the meantime, we proved again over 150 times in the last 2 months that our activities can take place safely without compromising the fun factor.

Touche-experience l Top 5 team building activities: Highland games

The absolute best: Highland Games

Throwing poles, barrel lifting, carrying logs, tug-of-war ... dressed in a traditional kilt you compete against each other in various tests. The Highland Games is more than just primal strength: team spirit, communication skills, cooperation ... it is all covered and the feasibility is adapted to the group.

ATTENTION: This outdoor activity is very popular. If you want to give your team a Scottish clan bath in the spring, be quick because spots are limited.
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Touché Experience - Get inspired: The top 5 team building activities - Virtual reality

Virtual Reality Experience

At number two, we take a trip into a virtual reality. What is fantasy? What is real? The line is getting thinner with VR! During this adventurous team building, you will be immersed in the brand new, innovative world of virtual reality. This formula is fully mobile and can be done at any location of your choice.
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En garde: cross the sabers in a duel


Pick up the gauntlet and get to know one of the oldest, most graceful sports in the world! Fencing is completely back on the scene. You will learn basic techniques and then cross sabers in a duel. This activity can take place indoors or outdoors.
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NUMBER 4 Teambooster games

The name 'TEAMBOOSTER ' says it all: you don't win this game alone, but as a team! This formula plays on group spirit and improving team spirit. Speed, cooperation, communication, 'thinking out of the box' and trust are the key factors for success in these games. The ideal team building!
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Newcomer 'axe throwing' may close the list

Axe throwing has more to do with relaxation and technique than brute force. We come to you! We will bring our own targets and an arsenal of different throwing axes. After a brief introduction about axe throwing and equipment, you will learn the different throwing techniques. After the practice rounds, everyone chooses their favorite axe. The team competition can begin!
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Are you interested in organizing a team building, do you still have questions or would like advice. Contact us feel free or take a look at our team building page. 

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